AMERICAN AM-180 Cylindrical screen printing unit for sale

This is a used American AM-180 cylindrical screen printing unit that we have repaired and it’s for sale.

Screen Printing Equipment Repair press

Screen Printing Equipment Installation

Screen Printing Equipment Installation example: This is a M&R Gauntlet II 10 color textile printer that I installed and helped move to the new shop. I also installed the dryer – a 30 foot AWT 750,000 BTU gas dryer. I also did all the shop layout, electrical, and gas layout for the electrician and plumber to complete. This is for a screen printer I have done work for many years. I also designed and built the drop cord and light rack to improve the lighting and safety of the area. Please contact me to discuss how I can help you with your screen printing equipment repair, maintenance, installation, shop move or servicing your equipment.

10 Color MNR Textile Press

Screen Printing Equipment Repair Anatol 6

Anatol screen printing equipment repair, installation, consulting and training

I have over 10 years of experience with Anatol screen printing equipment and can install, repair or consult on any of their units. I also offer training or consultation for owners or operators on how to screen print, service or maintain any Anatol brand screen printing equipment. Please Contact me for more information.

Anatol 10 color Stratus Screen Printing Equipment in use


Screen Printing Equipment Repair, Shawn McPherson

Screen Printing Equipment Repair Expert

Welcome to McPherson Consulting, your screen printing equipment repair expert. We specialize in Screen Printing Equipment Repair, Installation, Service, Training, and Maintenance. My name is Shawn McPherson and I have been in the Screen Printing Equipment Repair business since 1980.

I have worked in various positions as the Owner and Operator or General Manager of a variety of Screen Printing Businesses. Making my living in the industry for over 32 years means I have extensive experience repairing, maintaining and setting up just about every kind of equipment in use today.

One of the things that sets me apart from other technicians is I come from a screen printing background, instead of from a technical or electronic school background. This is an important advantage to you, as I approach solving any challenges from a screen printer’s perspective first, not a technical one. I am a screen printing equipment repair expert and keep up to date on my technical knowledge and skills. I am the authorized service provider for all the major brands. I travel the US doing screen printing equipment repair and helping my customers keep their equipment performing the way they depend on.

If you are looking for a reliable, honest service technician who will do the right thing, you have found your guy.

I am priced very competitively and stand behind my work. This has led me to long term relationships with many of the screen printers and equipment manufacturers in the business.

Please Contact Me for more information. I look forward to talking with you!

Screen Printing Equipment Repair

Screen Printing Training

When choosing a provider for Screen Printing Training, your best choice in a screen printing trainer is one that is also a factory trained service technician.

Many times I have gone on service calls and found that some or all of their printing problems stemmed from improperly adjusted or malfunctioning equipment. Other times I have gone to service calls with customer complaints of of registration or printer problems only to find process, materials, or untrained operators.

So if you need screen printing process training or equipment training, I recommend you hire someone that can do it all. I have trained employees at the US Government Printing Office, various state sign shops, Fortune 500 companies, and many, many small shops nationwide. While one of the options you could consider is signing your employees up for classes or courses, the things they learn there can be general and not specific to your screen printing equipment, process or materials. That is just one of the many advantages of hiring someone who can tailor their training to your screen printing business process.

You will get the most bang for your buck in hiring an experienced screen printing expert who can deliver the intensive screen printing hands-on training that will make an immediate improvement in your employees screen printing education and practice.

McPherson Consulting has a long list of satisfied customers. Whether you need textile, UV, conventional, flat stock, glass, cylinder press or centrical screen printing training, we should be at the top of your list.

References provided upon request.

Please Contact Us today to learn more for how we can help. I look forward to speaking with you.

Screen Printing Equipment Repair dryer

AWT Screen Printing equipment repair, training, installation and consulting

I have extensive experience with AWT World Trade Inc screen printing equipment. If you need help with installing, repair, training, or consulting with AWT screen printing equipment, you won’t find anyone else better qualified or easier to work with. With over 30 years working with the various brands of American and AWT screen printing equipment, you can be confident that there is nothing I can’t handle. The long stroke press you see below is one of the five machines I installed and trained their operators in screen printing glass, and how to maintain the units.

AWT 8 foot by 16 foot long stroke press


Screen Printing Equipment Repair

Glass Screen Printing Equipment Service and Repair

I travel regularly to Tennessee to a Glass Printing Company to service and repair their equipment. I also provide employee training. This is one of several glass manufacturing companies I assist around the country with rigid panel printers of different screen printing equipment makes and models. These 3/4 Automatic style presses offer there own kind of challenges to work on, as they require conveyer integration. Contact me for any of your glass screen printing equipment service, maintenance, training, or repair needs.

American Viking RP Glass Printer

Screen Printing Equipment Repair press

Repair Used Screen Printing Equipment

Should you replace or repair used screen printing equipment? Often you can save a lot of money if you repair used screen printing equipment. I found this M&M Medallion Single Color Poster Press dirty and non functioning under a shelf in a warehouse. I rescued, cleaned and repaired this screen printing equipment and put it back into service in a new location. Now this textile printer is printing posters and company logo’s on his shipping boxes. Bringing equipment like this back to life is what I do best – and can save you a lot of money over buying something new. Give me a call today to discuss how I can help you repair, maintain or service your screen printing equipment.

M&M Medallion Single Color Poster Press


Screen Printing Equipment Repair

Screen Printing Maintenance and Repair on American Hercules

I re-installed this American Hercules 6 color Automatic Press for a Screen Printing Customer of mine. It also needed maintenance and repairs, so I tuned it up and test printed process print. I have a long history working on these type of machines, and have worked on them since the early 1980’s when they first became developed. For more information or a quote on screen printing equipment maintenance, service, training or repair, please Contact Me

American Hercules 6 color Automatic Press