Screen Printing Equipment Repair

Screen Printing Equipment Repair Advice

Having your screen printing equipment break down and need repair is never a pleasant event. Having worked on machines new, and old, under warranty and even legacy machines, I can tell you that unless you know what you are doing, trying to repair your screen printing equipment yourself can not only be a costly mistake, it could even void your warranty.

When considering your screen printing equipment repair options, it’s also important to consider if the person who will do the repairs will be able to source the correct parts, or is authorized to work on the equipment. As an authorized service repair technician for many of the top brands, I can tell you that they will know if you tamper with the screen printing equipment repair electronics or improperly use another manufacturers part. It’s not worth taking chances on your productivity or warranty – when in doubt, contact your equipment’s manufacturer to confirm the technician you want to use is authorized to complete the repair.

An experienced, qualified technician can sometimes troubleshoot the issue faster and more accurately, saving you money and downtime in the long run. Shortcuts often come back at the worst times to

So don’t take any chances with your screen printing equipment repairs. Confirm your technician is authorized to work on warrantied machines, and make sure they are going to use the right parts on your machine, to keep it running reliably when they are gone.